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The PROVEDAL profile is widely used in glazing balconies and loggias in Russia. This profile has excellent performance characteristics and relatively low prices. The proposed profile is characterized by its high competitive value indicators and technical data due to its sizes. Results of compliance tests conducted on the MARPOSA-BEV-S-20 stand showed the following: for 1,200x1,200 mm sliding windows: air resistance - AZ, water resistance - E2, wind resistance - V2. Testing results are regulated by UNE-85214-85208-85204 norms.

A special design of this frame profile provides the improved sliding qualities due to the presence of wheeled liners.


The extruded profile made of 6063 aluminum alloy (UNE 38.337) is to be colored by the electrostatic spray method according to the international RAL color spectrum scale. The installation of glass units with a glass thickness of 16 mm is acceptable. A complete special hardware directory is to be supplied herewith to provide a proper high leak-tightness design.

There is a large number of additional types of profiles to solve various assembly tasks. It allows to manufacture products with a reduced number of profiles or perimetritic shapes (for example, when only one frame profile is used).

The PROVEDAL profile, with its sufficiently lightweight structure, is highly resistant to environmental influences and can withstand thermal shocks. The profiles of C640 and P400 series are characterized by their long operating life, high reliability and low prices.

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