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The plaster leveler is a tool, which allows to achieve the maximum wall smoothness and flatness during the finishing process and fit-out works. The plaster leveler is widely used in construction and plaster works. The products are performed in a trapezoidal shape and are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. Additional stiffener angles (reinforcing plates) and special elements, which provide a good protection of inside (interior) profiles from mortars and mixtures, play an important role in dealing with this instrument. The aluminum leveler is manufactured by means of special profiles equipped with additional nozzles.

The production of this professional tool is based on the use of such material as the extruded profile. This allows to achieve the following results: a long operational life, lack of corrosion processes, high quality plastering, good plaster ergonomics (usability) and easy-to-clean qualities of the plaster leveler in cleaning after concrete and cement mixtures.

Due to the strong material, which is well protected from corrosion processes, plaster levelers have high performance factors and a long lifetime. In practice, the trapezoidal aluminum leveler is used much more often than any other tools. However, there is also an H-shape section, which is characterized by a large working surface and a convenient holder.

Our Company is ready to supply these plastering tools based on extruded profiles in any quantities. We will make any plaster levelers according to your individual sizes.

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