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Aluminium rolled foil

Technical aluminum foil is used in many areas of human activities such as industrial production (for packaging of food products), printing industry (for embossing and stamping), building and construction (for multilayer steam- and heat sealing, heat pipelines and cold water lines).

The foil is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing blister cards for pills packaging.

These are by no means all methods of utilization of the aluminum foil. It is completely non-toxic, health and environmentally safe, and is characterized by high consumer properties.

Aluminum foil is also characterized by its excellent light-reflecting properties, good plasticity and high corrosion resistance. The foil is used in many goods as a protective barrier from air, moisture, microorganisms and temperature influence. It has high flexibility properties, i.e. it easily takes the required shape. Aluminum foil is not melted or distorted at high temperatures, that provides, for example, good soldering conditions. Moreover, with all its advantages, the foil has a low specific weight and a good aesthetic appearance.

Our Company produces all kinds of aluminum foil in accordance with current regulations and standards.

Aluminum rolled foil:

Alloys: 1050, 3003 and 8011 according to EN 573 and EN 485

Alloys: A0, A5, A6, AMц according to GOST4784-97 and 618-73

Properties of aluminum rolled foil:

Thickness: 0,08-0,12 mm

Width: 30-500 mm

Outside diameter (max): 600 mm

Inside diameter: 76 mm (aluminum spool), 152 mm (aluminum or cardboard spool)


H18, H19 (H), H12, H14, H16, H22, H24, H26 (M)

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